Remote Power Quality Monitoring for a large Electric Distribution Company

About the customer

The client is one of the largest electric distribution companies in Slovenia. They operate middle voltage (MV) as well as low voltage (LV) infrastructure owning 1.333 MV/LV transformer stations and 14 HV (high voltage)/LV transformer stations.

Situation before the introduction of our system

The client’s transformer stations were already equipped with approximately 200 Iskra’s measuring centers MI 7150. They were equipped with serial communication RS 232. A few of them were also equipped with new types of Iskra instruments, namely with 18 MC 760 network analyzers and 25 MC 750 network recorders.
For data transfer from transformer stations into the control center, WiMax, GPRS, and Ethernet communication was used.

Our solution for Remote Instruments Monitoring

Scope of service

In order to get better insights into power quality-related power grid parameters within transformer stations, our team of engineers proposed equipping a majority of the MV/LV transformer stations with network analyzers MC 760, network recorders MC 750, and some power quality analyzers MC 774

We also had to properly address the problem of data collection from transformer stations. For this purpose, we introduced the MiSmart server for remote monitoring and collecting operational measurements from transformer stations. These recorder measurements were set up to include energy counters, powers, power factors, voltages, currents, etc. Recorder evaluation periods were set at 1, 5, or 10 minutes meaning that all data was sent to the server immediately after evaluation and successful storage into the device recorder. Along with recorded measurements, our system also provided real-time alarm information to the electro-distribution company. This was set up by using alarms about voltage absence, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and frequency deviations. Another key benefit of alarms is that they also enable detection of overheating of the interior of transformer stations or physical intrusion.

Main customer benefits

Our system for electrical quantities recording and power quality monitoring consisted of approximately 260 Meter measuring centers: MC 750, MC 760, MC 774 and MiSmart software. The key advantages after introducing the system include:

  • Remote and centralized measurement monitoring of different electrical quantities (energy, active power, reactive power, currents, voltages, phase angles, maximal period values, minimal period values)
  • Remote and centralized alarm monitoring in real-time – alarms are sent into the system instantly
  • Power quality parameter monitoring according to EN50160 on 19 locations
  • Real-time information on the operation of installed equipment
  • Excel and PQDIF data export capability for regulator reporting
  • Better and faster maintenance planning according to historic data offered by the system
  • Quicker response to failures as well as failure analysis
  • Better supervision over energy losses within the power grid
  • SCADA system integration over the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
  • Direct reduction of technical and commercial losses due to better network quality
  • Increase in performance of financial KPIs due to better distribution quality and low equipment costs

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