Middle-voltage compensation solution on turnkey basis

What is Power Factor and how does it impact the Power Quality?

Power quality is crucial for the efficient operation of electrical equipment. There are several power quality issues that may impact the efficiency of electrical equipment such as electrical harmonics, poor power factor, and voltage instability. However, among the most important elements in power quality is the power factor.  Power Factor Correction (PFC) systems are designed to improve the power factor by increasing the efficiency of the power supply. Improved power factor results in immediate power cost savings.

With a history going back almost 75 years, ISKRA is at the cutting edge of power factor correction system solutions. We have a proven global track record in designing, engineering, and manufacturing capacitor banks compliant with the strictest power quality regulations and safety standards.

About the customer

FENI Industries AD is one of the largest Macedonian ferronickel producer.

It operates a mine, opencast mine and smelting plant for ferronickel in Kavadarci, northern Macedonia. The company has two melting furnaces, each of them is supplied separately by a 110/35 kV, 100 MVA dry transformer.

Front plate of one of MV 35 kV switching cells

Scope of service

Cos φ of the complete system was between 0.90 and 0.92, without compensation at 35 kV. Such a system caused additional, unnecessary costs for electric energy for the company. Monthly costs for reactive energy thus amounted to around 16,000 EUR.

In order to reduce costs and optimize energy use, our engineers came up with a middle-voltage compensation solution on a turn-key basis.

The project of a middle-voltage automatic filter compensation device on a turn-key basis consisted of several phases. Initially, our engineers visited the company, they analyzed the situation and carried out measurements.  Once the solution was finalized, we successfully delivered it to the customer. 

The main features of the whole system delivered on turn-key basis include:

  • Nominal voltage 35 kV
  • Nominal power 12Mvar
  • Version two steps with filters / outdoor
  • The system can work fully automatic or manual
  • Operation is local or remote from energetic control room
  • Capacitor banks are connected in double star connection, with appropriate protection relay

Main customer benefits

PFC solutions can be cheaper solutions to improve power quality than upgrading electrical equipment. After switching on the compensation, cos φ for the complete factory was 0.96. This completely achieves the purpose of such a system. Our middle-voltage compensation solution provides multiple benefits to the client including:

  • Up to € 16 000 savings on monthly basis
  • Improved power factor at the site
  • Improved voltage stability
  • Lower operational expenditure
  • Reduction of reactive power charges and asset management costs

ISKRA is assisting owners, operators, and developers in managing their low and medium voltage power distribution requirements, improving their electrical networks, reliability, and lifespan of equipment, and reducing their energy costs. At ISKRA we are ready to lead you into the future of intelligent energy solutions

Are you looking for market-leading Power Factor Correction solutions with no up-front costs?

At Iskra we understand that despite a good general return on investment of power factor correction systems, such solutions are often not an immediate investment priority for your ongoing business operations. In order to mitigate these business challenges book a meeting with our expert
Ademir Ibrahimovič