Electrical Measuring Devices

We offer a very broad range of electrical measuring devices including various types of power monitoring devices and measuring transducers, smart energy meters, and other synchronization devices including software for configuration and management.

Universal Measuring Devices

Universal Measuring Devices are intended for measuring, analysing and monitoring of single-phase or three-phase electrical power network of electricity distribution and energy production companies. Iskra offers a wide range of power monitoring devices, measuring/supervision transducers as well additional accessories.

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Smart Energy Meters

Energy meters are intended for energy measurements in three-phase electrical power network and can be used in residential, industrial and utility applications including panels for electrical distribution, control panels, electrical energy control, industrial robots, road tunnel lighting, elevators and lifts, electrical vehicle charging stations and much more.

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Synchronization devices

If you are looking for manually or semi-automatically synchronise generators and bus bars, you have come to the right place. Our synchronization meters are truly unique products. They measure phase differences between generator and bus bar, voltages and the frequencies of the two systems. They can replace up to five instruments, occupying less space and giving you more information, for a lower price. Furthermore, they are equipped with status output, they are also appropriate for mounting on ships.

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Looking for a custom made product?

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