Sustainability at Iskra

Embedding sustainability in everything we do

At Iskra, we have always taken a sustainable approach to business. Sustainability is a key part of our company vision and of the value that we create for all of our stakeholders.

Creating an environmentally-friendly company is a process that requires constant improvement, investments, and innovations. Now it’s the time to act on climate. We value maintaining a healthy environment for our future.

We focus on long-term strategies for making a positive impact on the environment, and that is exactly what Iskra is doing and will continue to do over the years. Our goals – some already reached – are: cutting CO2 emissions, preventing pollution, lowering energy usage, sustainable energy use, adapting to climate change, and encouraging sustainable behavior.

“We embed sustainability in everything we do in order to create long-term value. We want to further reduce our specific emissions, pass on our sustainability standards to our customers, suppliers and business partners in order to reduce their emissions and preserve resources. This is where we make the biggest impact for the communities we serve. We strive always to be an exemplary company wherever we operate.”

– Iskra CRO, Klemen Šešok

Our sustainability strategy

As a technology leader, we focus on those areas where we can make the biggest impact – reducing carbon emissions, preserving resources and promoting social progress. Our solutions and responsible business practices drive sustainability across our value chain and contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

At Iskra, we want to do the right thing and be transparent at every level of our value chain. Performance is measured not only by the results achieved but also by how these results were achieved.