Achieving Sustainable Impact

We enable a Low-Carbon society. We preserve Resources.

Our key goals are to partner with our customers and suppliers to reduce their emissions and to achieve carbon neutrality in our own operations by 2030.

By far the biggest impact we can have in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is through our leading technologies, which reduce energy use in industry, buildings and transport – sectors.

We have set ourselves the ambitious target of reducing our annual CO2 emissions by more than 845 t CO2 annually:

  • 175 t CO2 in the field of lighting
  • 494 t CO2 with the installation of solar power plants 
  • 176 t CO2 by upgrading compressors

Smart Energy Consumption

We were proud to be the first to connect a battery in the Slovenian network. The energy storage system was installed at our business unit in Kranj – Slovenia. To preserve the earth’s resources today and for future generations, we are embedding circularity across our value chain.

With the installation of Tesla batteries which store energy, we have managed to reduce our electricity bill and positively impact the environment, as we regulate the positive and negative peaks in the distribution network, thus preventing uneconomical energy use and unnecessary shutdowns of power plants.

Constantly investing in gas and biomass cogeneration, selecting materials that don’t pollute the environment, and being sustainable in the energy sector means we are reducing energy waste, thereby increasing energy efficiency. We are committed to adhering to the highest standards of environmental protection and sustainable development. We are constantly striving for improvements in all areas of our operations. 

Energy efficiency as a key component for long-term success

As energy is a key competitive factor for all industries when it comes to efficient use of resources, energy costs and other environmental concerns, the continuous optimization of energy consumption is closely linked to appropriate planning, monitoring, analysis and adjustment. At Iskra we use our own developed comprehensive solutions to optimize energy use. Our comprehensive solutions for energy management provide the following benefits: savings due to energy optimization, centralized view of different measurement points, detection of unexpected and unusual patterns in energy consumption, etc. 

At our business unit in Kranj just recently we have replaced our old cogeneration unit with a new more efficient 1 MW machine. It is used for cogeneration of heat and electricity ensuring higher efficiency and lower consumption of primary energy or natural gas. The new unit is 1.8% more efficient compared to the previous system and above all will also provide heating for the business unit in Kranj and will be used for production of electricity.  

Part of best practices at Iskra is also the “Multipoint Metering and Control” concept, which increases efficiency by intelligently controlling the energy consumption of all systems on a single device.