Capacitors for Renewable Energy Applications

RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS all have a common need for high-efficiency power circuits. Whether the original source of energy is light, heat, or mechanical motion, ancillary circuitry will probably either store energy, convert it from dc to ac or vice versa, or even from one level of dc to another. Capacitors are a common ingredient in all of those scenarios.

Modern control devices of electric motors demand intermediate circuits in industrial and drive converters, frequency converters, lifting applications, and also for servo drives in machine tools.  In order to have a strong alternative, the capacitors must have a higher energy density and a much longer lifetime and life cycle. The stronger the capacitor, the better the results. They have to withstand harsh environmental conditions like high temperature, humidity and voltage stress.

DC link capacitors use a metalized polypropylene dielectric, which features a controlled self-healing process, and treated to have an excellent dielectric strength at high operating temperature

Improving the performance, quality and efficiency of electrical systems

In transmission systems, reactive power is needed to maintain the voltage to deliver active power. A lack of reactive power leads to an inefficient use of the electrical network and results in voltage sags, overloaded transformers, lines, cables, etc.

In industry, motor loads and other electrical loads require reactive power to convert electrical energy into useful work.

Why Iskra?

Iskra has a comprehensive portfolio for addressing a wide variety of power quality problems.  The benefits of using Iskra’s capacitor and filter solutions include:  

  • Compliance with the strictest power quality regulations on reactive power and harmonics 
  • Reducing and/or eliminating utility penalties for a low power factor and/or harmonics
  • Off-loading of and reduction of power losses in cables and transformers
  • Reducing production downtime and/or commercial system downtime
  • Increasing system efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions

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