Installation of MV Capacitor Bank in DUBAI

What is Power Factor and how does it impact the Power Quality?

Power quality is crucial for the efficient operation of electrical equipment. There are several power quality issues that may impact the efficiency of electrical equipment such as electrical harmonics, poor power factor, and voltage instability. However, among the most important elements in power quality is the power factor.  Power Factor Correction (PFC) systems are designed to improve the power factor by increasing the efficiency of the power supply. Improved power factor results in immediate power cost savings.

With a history going back almost 75 years, ISKRA is at the cutting edge of power factor correction system solutions. We have a proven global track record in designing, engineering, and manufacturing capacitor banks compliant with the strictest power quality regulations and safety standards.

About the customer

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a public service infrastructure company and manages the entire chain of electricity and water, from electricity and water production to transmission and distribution to its customers. DEWA’s vision is to become a sustainable innovative world-class utility.

Scope of service

Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) has set ambitious national development plans and efforts to meet the increasing energy demand for energy use in Dubai. In order to accommodate the growth of energy demand, DEWA has been investing in power infrastructure. As part of this strategic effort, Iskra has been commissioned by the various EPC contractors for designing, engineering, manufacturing and supplying 5MVAr, 11kV capacitor banks for compensation of reactive power on newly commissioned 132/ 11kV transformer substations throughout Dubai

In addition to equipment solution supply activities, our project engineers have also been providing ongoing technical advisory support to the various EPC contractors and ensuring that our product offering complies with the strictest DEWA requirements for electrical equipment through certification/documentation compliance, type tests, etc.

Main customer benefits

PFC solutions can be a cheaper solution to improve power quality than upgrading electrical equipment. Since 2016 we are supporting DEWA by improved power quality and longevity of newly constructed substations by way of installing market-leading Iskra capacitor banks.

ISKRA is assisting owners, operators, and developers in managing their low and medium voltage power distribution requirements, improving their electrical networks, reliability, and lifespan of equipment, and reducing their energy costs. At ISKRA we are ready to lead you into the future of intelligent energy solutions

Are you looking for market-leading Power Factor Correction solutions with no up-front costs?

At Iskra we understand that despite a good general return on investment of power factor correction systems, such solutions are often not an immediate investment priority for your ongoing business operations. In order to mitigate these business challenges book a meeting with our expert
Ademir Ibrahimovič